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our values

about zeteo events

zeteo events was founded in 2020 with one mission: to create + spread joy through socially-conscious, sustainable events! We are based out of San Jose, CA but will travel all around the greater bay area! After a few years in the wedding and events industry, founder Courtney Donlon made her dream of curated, socially-conscious social events a reality that is accessible to all. 

creating community

we seek to provide meaningful experiences that bring people together.

supporting sustainability

every item at your event is  one of more of the following: sustainably made, thrifted, homemade, ethically made, or locally sourced.

living intentionality

from start to finish events are curated to bring joy + represent the client.



a portion of all proceeds from your event are donated to charity water, read more about them here!

our founder 

I’m Courtney, founder and fine-tuner of all things planned here at Zeteo Events.  Growing up, I’ve always loved creating a space for people to be themselves and find joy - whether that was planning school dances and spirit days in high school or coordinating friends’ weddings. I absolutely thrive off detail, color coding, coordinating chaos, and turning dreams into realities.  

I was born and raised in the Bay Area and San Jose is my home. When not planning a party or setting up a picnic, you can find me hitting the local trails, surfing in the Pacific, drinking a cider while cheering on the Sharks, eating alllll the cheesy gorditas at TBell Cantina, or finding the newest coffee shop!

I am absolutely thrilled that you’ve found me and I cannot wait to get to know you and start planning your social event!

  • What kind of events do you put on?
    We are a full event planning service that wants to best serve you! Our main focus is to create experiences to bring people together to celebrate, to smile, to hope, to dream, to laugh & to love. We will plan anything from a picnic to a themed party, a proposal to a bachelorette party, and so much more.
  • Do you do other events besides picnics?
    Yes! We plan social events. Due to COVID, we are primarily doing picnics because they can be outdoors and put on per-household. If you have an event you are thinking of, send us an email and we will work on accommodating you during this time!
  • What are "Social Events""
    Social Events are gatherings for personal and private events. This could be a birthday party, an anniversary, themed parties, planned proposal, bridal and wedding showers, a bachelorette party, baby showers, and more!
  • How do I book a Social Event?
    Head to our packages page to discover which package is right for you & click "book"! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at:
  • What is included in a picnic?
    Our Redwood Package is our basic picnic that includes: color scheme from one of our packages, beach blankets & a pillow for each guest, a homemade picnic table, charcuterie board provided by @nickycheez, sparkling water for each guest, tap water, bluetooth speaker, custom welcome sign, local seasonal florals, and a stylist to set-up everything for you! Our Poppy Package is our premium package that includes everything from the Redwood Package as well as: a local seasonal centerpiece that you can take home, sweet treats to enjoy & use of everything for 2 hours! (Read more about our packages here!)
  • What is included in a social event?
    These are completely customizable! We will work with you on a "mood board", scouting a location, sourcing everything for the event, styling, set-up, and tear down. Send us a request so that we can work with you to put together the event of your dreams!
  • Where do you do these events/where do they take place?
    Our Social Events can range anywhere from a barbeque in your backyard to a destination picnic! We will work with you to find the best spot for your special event, but we work all over the Bay Area. We are more than happy to travel, just send us an inquiry.
  • Are food & beverages included for all events?
    Picnics will always have the minimum of a charcuterie platter, tap water, and sparkling water; our Poppy Package includes dessert. With picnics, you are more than welcome to bring your own food if you'd like! For any other social event, we will plan and accommodate your needs. But, in our opinion, community is best found when there is food around!
  • Is there an option to reschedule if need be?
    If we can, we absolutely will! We totally understand that life happens! If you need to reschedule, please let us know as soon as possible via email. (
  • What if I need to cancel?
    Unfortunately, if you choose to cancel, we are unable to issue a refund for your deposit. However, if we need to cancel or move things around due to temperamental weather, we will notify you via email and will make an attempt to reschedule and work alongside you to work something out!
  • What does pricing look like?
    Each event is based on the amount of guests that you have. Please refer back to our packages page, to check out our pricing range.
  • How many guests can you accommodate for events?
    For picnics, we can accomodate guests of up to 8. For all other social events, we will work alongside you to accommodate your needs, guest list, and ideas!
  • Does every event look the same?
    Nope! We have certain things that we will do for each event, but no two events look the same! Color schemes vary, foods, beverages, and desserts vary. You could always look into our "add-ons" or inquire for a more unique experience!
  • How are you sustainable & eco-friendly?
    All of our products were carefully picked with sustainability in mind! Everything that we use for our events are eco-friendly, ethically made, handmade, reclaimed, or thrifted. All of our consumables are selected locally and anything that is disposable is compostable or recyclable! If you want more information on this, we'd love to chat about this passion of ours!
  • Are dogs allowed?
    We love furry friends!! You are more than welcome to bring your pups to any of our events! If you would like your pet to feel extra special, you can always add-on our "furry friend package" to any event.
  • Do you have games? Can I bring my own?
    Yes we do and yes you can! We have a variety of games that you can add-on to any package - cornhole & tic-tac-toe, bananagrams & the love language game! If you don't want to rent our games, no worries at all, you can always bring your own!
  • How are you doing these gatherings during COVID?
    We are operating under the guidelines for whichever county you so wish to host your event. That being said, we also are respecting you and your guests' comfort levels! Every event, we are wearing masks and gloves to set-up as well as maintaining social distance. At your event, we will provide all the handi sani!

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